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Restaurants In Newington- Newington Ct Restaurants- 3 Great Things

Restaurants in Newington Ct

Hey if you haven't heard one of the best new restaurants around is Tunxis Grill in Newington Ct. Yes I have blogged about it before, but a lot of people still think that its the old 99 or Fat and Happys. Its conveniently located at 2095 Berlin Turnpike in Newington Ct. The cool thing is that it is away from all of the hustle and bustle of the Berlin Turnpike. It has plenty of parking and plenty of offerings for that matter.  The staff is friendly and the food is awesome. Just check out the video below!
reviews at-

Newington Ct Restaurants

Tunxis grill still has the same great menu, however they have new hours.  They are open from 
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sun-Thurs and 4:00-11:00 pm on Fri-Sat.  They still have an awesome menu that includes unique pizza and out of this world appetizers as well as awesome entrees and a host of other menu items. Just check out a picture below and a sample of their menu items! You can go to their main web address to see all of their great offerings-

Come Visit Tunxis Grill in Newington Today!

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Restaurants Near Berlin Ct- New Video

Monday, June 1, 2015

Berlin Turnpike Restaurants

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Restaurants in Newington Ct- 3 Great Reasons To Visit Tunxis Grill In Newington Ct

Restaurants in Newington Ct- 

Tunxis Grill offers some of the best food in Newington Ct. Most people do 
not know about them. They have been a Newington Restaurant on the 
Berlin Turnpike  for the last year. It used to be several restaurants
and still people have not heard about them. Apparently they are
one of the best kept secret restaurants in Newington Ct today.
They have great service and outdoor patio which is great for the
coming months! They are open 7 days a week and have very flexible
hours among the restaurants in Newington Ct. Now let's talk about
some of the food on the Tunxis Grill Menu!

Newington Ct Restaurants #1

 They have some great and very unique pizzas that they offer in Newington Connecticut.
For example they offer the mashed potato pizza and also offer the 
works which is a meat lovers pizza that you can't go wrong with!
They also offer a hawaiian pizza and a host of others that you
can't beat. Of course they have regular offerings like hamburgers,
salads, entrees and many others to choose from. They have a kid
friendly menu that is perfect for people that want to bring their
kids down as well. They also have a very unique appetizer menu 
that offers everything from reubon rolls to traditional wings and everything in between.
They also have a specialty menu that changes every week so you
will just have to come back and check it out. 
They have a special offer for pizza. If you buy one of their large
specialty pizzas you get a small cheese pizza free. And this is 
good on mondays and tuesdays only folks at their Newington Location only.
This is not available at their other locations or restaurants!
So if you are a resident of Newington or Wethersfield or any
surrounding town- take advantage of this offer on Mondays
and Tuesdays at Tunxis Grill Newington Ct! 

Restaurants On the Berlin Turnpike #2

 Tunxis Grill may be the new kid on the block as far as restaurants
on the berlin turnpike go, but make no mistake they are not new
to the restaurant industry. The owner has been in the game for 
25 plus years and knows what people like. He has managed and owned
tons of restaurants here in Ct. So you know you are getting quality
when you step inside one of his newington ct restaurants! 
So come down and check them out its 2095 Berlin turnpike in Newington.
Like I said in the video they have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating
weather permitting! 

You can't go wrong with Tunxis Grill Restaurants in Newington Ct.#3

This restaurant is also brought to you from the same owner as Three
Figs in Suffield Ct.  So if you are up in the Enfield or Suffield 
area check them out. You can't go wrong.  They were just written
up in the Hartford Courant so you must check out the article. 
You know you are getting the best when you are looking for 
newington ct restaurants Tunxis Grill! 
newington ct restaurants
restaurants in newington ct
thanks to all for watching this video review about restaurants in newington ct 
and newington ct restaurant

for reviews click here

Restaurants In Suffield Ct- A Couple Of Great Reasons To Visit

Restaurants In Suffield Ct

Below I have written out a couple of reasons why Three Figs- Restaurants in Suffield is the Place to be!

 Restaurants In Suffield Ct

 Three Figs is the old suffield inn which is located at
94 Mountain Road in Suffield Ct.  The restaurant has been  taken over by new owners
 and completely re-done inside and out.  The woodwork is absolutely amazing and 
must be seen in person to appreciate! They have a great 
new bar, a dining area called the "fire room" and amazing 
back room with a service bar.  This is great for  
family or can be rented out for a party.

 Suffield Ct Restaurants

 It is conveniently located on the Enfield, Suffield and 
Mass line so very accessible if you live in any of those towns or states.
Sure there is many restaurants in the West Suffied area,
but here is just a few more reasons to check out Three Figs.

Restaurants in West Suffield Ct

"The food is just amazing!" one of many quotes from our customers! 
They have everything you would expect.  Ranging from seafood,
salads, soups, beef, chicken, pasta entrees.  Burgers, wings, appetizers
and so many more that we cannot fit everything on here. 
No to mention the desserts are out of this world.  This place also has 
kid friendly portions so it is awesome for families to get a night out
on the town! You will just have to check out the restaurant for yourself
to see what I mean.

 Also they have live entertainment on certain nights so you 
will have to check out the website to see when those take  
place. So if you are looking for good restaurants in west suffield ct
or restaurants in West Suffield Ct.  

Check out Three Figs Suffield Ct Menus!

Restaurants Near Suffield Ct

 Check out this video that was created about Three Figs and Suffield Ct Restaurants
it shows off some of the Three Figs Suffield Menu.  Just a sample of the many
offerings that they have.  They also show what a great interior they have which
is ideal if you are looking for restaurants in Suffield Ct to rent.  They have
the perfect backroom for parties, birthdays, and special events.  What makes them
unique is that they have a separate service bar- so it is ideal for large parties.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Restaurants in Rocky Hill Ct

Restaurants in Rocky Hill- Check out Tunxis Grill which is a hop, skip and a jump from Rocky Hill over to Newington Ct. They have a great menu which consists of appetizers, salads, pizza, burgers, dinners a-nd everything else that you can think of. They have weekly specials which are awesome!  Check out this video below-

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Restaurants in Windsor Ct- Tunxis Grill Reviews

Hey Folks if you are looking for a great restaurant in windsor ct- look no further than Tunxis Grill.
Yes that's right folks the same owner that brought you Tunxis Grill of Newington which this blog is dedicated to- originally built Tunxis Grill of Windsor Ct.  I usually don't write too much about it because it is has been so highly successful.  Many other papers and bloggers have written about the restaurant and it has gotten some great awards along the way!  The reason I am writing today is that they recently changed up their website for both Newington and Windsor Ct restaurants.  Don't worry still the same web address just  a different look and feel.  I think it looks great and I did a new video detailing some of their restaurant!  So check it out and give me your thoughts and feedback! As always folks- don't forget to plan your holiday parties there, just make sure to call ahead as many others are doing the same! Have fun and check today! 3 Tunxis Street Windsor Ct restaurants in windsor ct